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PLAY - "I Am Alcohol"


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Workshop Descriptions


In this workshop Don speaks to the relationship between gender roles, social norms and violence against both women and men.  He also discusses the role "lateral violence" plays in our lives and our communities.

Emerging Warriors

› Aboriginal Youth Development

This workshop deals with youth leadership, the development of role models and establishing a healthy peer support group in the community.

Empowering Our Youth

› Dealing with the Bullying Issue - New

Don looks at ways to promote peace, tackle violence, resolve conflict and bullying, and help with the empowerment of our young people.

Enter The Circle

› Team Building

Don has worked well with various groups and agencies to address their team building skills. He helps them to build upon their strengths and examine areas that need to be worked on. Don stresses positive communication as the key to individual and group success.

Evolution Of A Teenager

› For Teens, Educators and Caregivers

Through a comparison of the evolution of music to the evolution of teenagers, Don presents us with some insight into understanding today’s youth. The workshop also addresses the influence that music has on the values of our young people.

Healing The Wounded Warrior

› Personal Effectiveness for Men

Based on the traditional concept that men are warriors, protectors and providers for their families and communities, many of our men have been led off their path through addictions, unresolved grief and repressed issues. This workshop helps men develop skills needed to address these areas and become true modern day warriors.

Healing Through Humor

› "Laughter is Good Medicine"

Our Elders say "Laughter is Good Medicine". As Don shares this traditional teaching you will be enlightened inspired and definitely entertained.

Living In Balance

› Medicine Wheel Teachings - New

Medicine Wheel teachings are among the oldest teachings of First Nations people and create a holistic foundation for human behavior and interaction. Don explores how the Medicine Wheel and its sacred teachings can assist individuals along the path towards mental, spiritual, emotional and physical enlightenment.


› Effective Strategies for Working with Youth

This workshop is for caregivers, frontline workers and educators who work with adolescents. Drawing upon his years of experience working with youth, Don shares his knowledge and skills, which enable professionals to become more effective in helping our youth and deal with the many pressures they face.

Rebuilding The Spirit

› Health Recovery for Aboriginal People

Don utilizes the four Sacred Teachings of Healing; Prayer, Sharing, Crying and Laughter to bring about real balance in the recovery process.


› Sex, Alcohol & Drugs Youth Development

In the past 17 years that Don has worked with youth there have been three consistent impacting issues; sex, alcohol and drugs. This high-energy workshop educates youth on sex, alcohol and drug issues, coping skills and refusal skills through his unique style of humor and inspiration.

The Broken Circle of Addiction

› Life on the Other Side

With his extensive background in the field of addictions, Don addresses the cycle of addiction, the multi-generational effects, as well as primary and secondary addictions. Don explores the tools needed to break the addictive behavioral cycle.

"I haven't laughed this hard in years!"